As new teachers we all have that same nagging fear: what if I’m a bad teacher and no one comes to my classes? Or what if the students who do attend class think I’m terrible and never come back?


I always tell teacher trainees it’s not how many students come to your classes, but which students:


Are you attracting the right students for your classes?


Sure, we all want the ego-boost that comes with jam-packed classes, but the truth is, if you aren’t attracting the right students, they probably won’t come back again.


The key is to find students who need what you have to offer.


Each of us has unique gifts and we all bring something different to the table as teachers. Think about your favorite teachers–do you keep going to their classes because they say all the right cues and can do a headstand for an hour?




You keep going because they offer something deeper–maybe they bring a sense of playfulness to class that you need in your life.  Or maybe they bring a sense of depth and calm to your chaotic world; or it could be that they just always seem to know what you need that day.


Whatever your reason, chances are it’s something a little intangible–it’s what your teacher brings to the table.


You have the same opportunity to make a difference for your students.  Not every student will resonate with you and that’s okay: those students just need something else in their current lives.  And some of your students may eventually drift away–that’s okay, too; it simply means that their needs have shifted.


So go out into the teaching world and start to uncover your gifts.  When you do, your students will find you–and they will keep coming back.


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