I'm Kate Potvin.

Creator of Flourish Fertility.

Certified health coach, positive psychology + period pro. Helping you transform your mind and body.


Hi! I'm Kate. I preach fertility as a lifestyle.


It’s a way of living that brings us closer to the deep-down, authentic, and beautiful women we were meant to be.


 I empower women like you to take charge of your health and hormones, break through the barriers holding you back and discover a more soulful, joyous life.

Because fertility isn’t just about a baby.


 It’s about receiving your own inner wisdom and learning to nourish yourself–mind, body, and soul.

It’s about moving through challenge with grace: embracing joy and sorrow and everything in between.

It’s about trusting yourself to try. And fail. And try again.

But you don’t have to do it alone: women need community to thrive & flourish, especially when we’re going through change or challenges.



So I’m here for you.

This website is dedicated to your body, your health, your happiness.
Let me show you how to create nourishing habits that will help you grow a healthy baby and support you through the challenges of motherhood. Because healthy babies start with healthy mamas.

How I got here

Flashback to my early 20’s: I’m lying on the bathroom floor.

My period just started, and I’m so lightheaded I can’t stand up. I’m supposed to leave for work soon, and suddenly the nausea bubbles up and I’m sick.

This is a monthly pattern.

I feel absolutely helpless and know that being a woman shouldn’t feel this bad.

A friend recommends acupuncture, and thus begins my journey into healing my own hormones and discovering a more holistic view of my own health.
Through healthy eating, supplementation, and lifestyle changes, I discovered how to reconnect with my body, and how to slow down and listen to her cues.
My journey of healing led me to study holistic health and nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and positive psychology with Tal Ben-Shahar through the Wholebeing Institute’s Certificate in Positive Psychology (CiPP). I became a yoga teacher (ERYT-500) and studied Yoga for Fertility with Lynn Jensen in Seattle.

My approach is science-based, feminine and holistic. Little did I know that all these interests would lead me to my life’s purpose.

One day, a friend confided that she was having trouble getting pregnant and asked my advice. I began to explore the world of infertility through my experiences in positive psychology and holistic health.

It became exceedingly clear to me that we weren’t offering women enough support on their fertility journey and that I was uniquely equipped to help her.

I believe that treating infertility requires finding the root cause and discovering what emotional and physical imbalances exist within us.


Finding these roots requires some hard work and digging, but I’m a born researcher and this is what I do: I help you dig.

I research and learn and weave together information from a wide variety of sources: eastern, western, and woo-woo. I find patterns and create a protocol for you.

I do the work so you don’t have to.

Fast forward to today


I have more energy than I did at 20. My periods are no big deal, and I know what to do if things get a little out of balance. I feel empowered in my body and in my life. I’ve created my own business and have dedicated it to helping you navigate your hormones and health.


Because you can move through life popping pain pills every month for your cramps and just chalking it up to being a girl. You can take fertility drugs and try IVF (and sometimes that’s the right path). But in the back of your mind, you’re always wondering if there’s something else you could be doing.


So reclaim your body and your life.

Feel empowered to ask the hard questions.

Do the challenging work of exploring your inner depths.

And live the wholehearted, vibrant life you were meant to.


Let’s do this together.

My Manifesto

This is my vision: it’s what keeps me motivated and inspired to keep moving forward and giving my best.


I’m introverted, but not shy.

I may or may not be obsessed with cats.

I’m a firm believer in good dance parties. Because Beyonce.

I’ve never dyed my hair.

I’m totally obsessed with Wonder Woman (watch the movie!!)

I only recently got my first smartphone (seriously, I just like real buttons).

I’m passionate about supporting bookstores + and never buy books on Amazon.

I believe in supporting all women–because we’re connected.

Here’s how we can work together 

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