How to Create a Fertility Altar

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Honor your womb and your abundance with a fertility altar.

When it comes to getting pregnant, I know most of us would try just about anything if it helped us conceive. You may have heard people suggest creating a fertility altar, but what exactly does that mean, and does it really work? Let’s break it down: First, a fertility altar isn’t really about religion or worship–it’s more about creating a special space in your home to bring more abundance and creative energy into your life. It’s there to serve as a reminder of what’s possible.  

Does a fertility altar really work?

Let’s break down the mindset science here. I know sometimes mindset tools can seem kind of woo-woo or out there, but there’s usually a grain of science to back them up. Studies in psychology show that our behavior can be greatly influenced by our beliefs and mindset. The saying “what you focus on expands” is exactly what this means. It’s just not quite as magical as the saying might imply! It means that when we believe something is possible, we’re more likely to take actions that support that outcome. If you believe you might win the lottery, you’ll buy a lottery ticket. If you don’t believe there’s any way you’d ever win, you probably won’t buy a ticket. And if you don’t buy a ticket, it’s hard to win! This means that in order to win the lottery, you first have to believe it’s a possibility. Obviously this doesn’t guarantee you a win (the odds are still low!), but there’s no chance of winning if you don’t take the action of buying the ticket. In terms of fertility, this might mean seeking out help on your fertility journey, eating to nurture your body, going to bed earlier instead of scrolling instagram, or maybe just seeing a fertility doctor sooner rather than later. Again, these actions don’t guarantee a successful outcome, but they definitely increase your odds, right? If you believe it’s possible to conceive, you’re more likely to take actions that will support that outcome—thereby increasing your chances of success. And that’s where a fertility altar can come in. It can serve as a visual reminder of what’s possible. Of the abundance already in your life, and the abundance you’re able to create.  

So how do you start to create a fertility altar?

1. Choose a location

First, choose a corner of your house for your altar. Maybe it’s your bedside table, or another quiet location. Choose a place you’ll look at regularly, since the goal is to see it often.

2. Add objects that represent fertility

Think about fertility, creation, and abundance, then choose images or items that remind you of those themes. You could have flowers, or images of flowers, or maybe an image of a pregnant person if that feels inspiring (and not triggering). You could keep money there as a representation of abundance. 

3. Add any other special or sacred items. 

You could add items from nature, crystals, a special piece of jewelry, or a photo of a maternal figure in your life. Whatever makes the space feel safe and special to you. I love having a candle I can light (obvs don’t leave it unattended!) because candles always feel sacred to me–like I’m lighting a flame of potential.

4. Spend time with your altar. 

Maybe you say hello to it every morning, or spend a few minutes journaling by your altar every evening. It can be a great place to meditate or say affirmations. Whatever feels good to you–just try to spend a few minutes there every day, or walk by it regularly.

The goal is to really connect with your altar, and let it inspire you, give you hope, and help you feel like a baby is possible. It’s not magic, but it can help you feel hope in challenging times, and it can help you stay in alignment with your goals–because seeing your altar can make them feel more possible.

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