How to Work With the Moon Phases to Connect With Your Fertility


Use the moon phases to connect with your dynamic feminine power


If you’re trying to conceive, or simply want to find a deeper connection with your body, learning to pay attention to the moon phases can be a powerful practice.

As women, we can sometimes have fraught relationships with our bodies. This isn’t new. But when we struggle to conceive, we can feel even more disconnected from our feminine center.

When we learn to tap into the dynamic rhythm of our bodies and our inner divine feminine, however, we can begin to reconnect with our bodies. We can rebuild our relationships with our bodies, understand them better, and learn to trust their wisdom.

One way to do this is to connect with the moon phases as a way of embracing our own dynamic phases as women (which is exactly what I teach you in my Sacred Balance program.)

Unlike men, women’s bodies are constantly changing, moving, evolving. They are constantly dancing with the rhythms of the natural world and our own hormones.

While men may feel very static and the same from day to day, women often don’t. And most of us spend our lives fighting this instead of learning to understand it, and harness that dynamic power to support our goals. 

We’ve often been taught to see this as a flaw—that we’re “unpredictable” or “unstable,” when in fact, this is where our power comes from.

This ability to be dynamic connects us with the rhythms of the world around us, and is exactly what makes us powerful and gives us the ability to create.

These dynamic shifts and changes are exactly what allows life to be created within us.

And nature is always reflecting this back to us, especially with the moon cycles that so closely follow our own monthly cycles.

Many women feel more energized, outgoing, and attractive around ovulation when we have higher estrogen. Then after ovulation, during the luteal phase, many women feel more chill as progesterone kicks in. And during our periods, our bodies often ask us to rest–to slow down and honor our monthly release. It’s a time of ending one cycle and beginning a new one.

But many of us never learned that this was normal. Instead we grew up thinking that changes to our mood and energy levels were a bad thing. 

They’re not.

The truth is, they’re only a bad thing if we fight them. 

If we’re able to work with these cycles and flow with these shifts in energy instead, we can actually use them to our advantage. We can be productive when we feel energized, and we can step back when we feel the call to rest.

The moon follows a similar pattern over a pretty similar period of time, which is why women’s hormonal cycles are often associated with the moon.

And I love using the moon to help us tap into these waxing and waning energies because it’s a visual reminder we can see every day.

We can watch the moon grow in the sky and imagine our energy waxing and growing as we approach ovulation, and then we see the moon wane again as we move through our luteal phase to our “new moon” periods and begin the cycle again.

Moon phases:

      • Waxing moon: follicular phase. Growth, expansion, creation
      • Full moon: ovulation. Fullness, completion, full potential
      • Waning moon: luteal phase. Slowing down, going inward
      • New moon: menstruation. Release, letting go, new beginnings.

We don’t always align our cycles perfectly with the moon, but even if you’re on a different schedule, you can use the moon to pay attention to the constantly changing nature of life. Nature is dynamic and constantly evolving, changing, shifting. And so are we.

This waxing and waning dynamic is a fundamental part of being a woman. It’s a beautiful and powerful aspect of our divine feminine side. I encourage you to embrace it instead of fighting it. 

So start looking up to the moon each night, and let her cycles and ever changing face inspire you to embrace the dynamic flow in your own life.

Allow yourselves to be guided by a sense of flow, and use that dynamic movement to harness your own potential and power. Instead of feeling like we’re fighting ourselves most days of the month, we can feel like we’re flowing–in sync with our bodies, with nature, and our own feminine power.


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