How to Beat the Mother’s Day Blues When TTC


Mother’s Day Can be a tough day if you’ve been trying to conceive or are dealing with fertility challenges.

It’s hard to see everyone’s happy social media posts about how they love being a mom when you were hoping this was the year you got to celebrate.

There’s no single way to manage your feelings or get through the day, but I’ve compiled some of my best tips to help you feel more calm and supported on Mother’s Day.

4 Ways to Manage the Mother’s Day Blues:

1. Turn off social media.

Stay off social media on Mother’s Day–maybe even delete the apps from your phone temporarily (or permanently!) if you know all the Mother’s Day posts will be triggering for you.

Removing yourself from all the images, hype, and commentary will go a long way toward making the day more bearable. 

2. Make time for self-care.

Take time this week to really nurture yourself–stick with good routines you have in the morning or evening, and make time for those activities that help you feel grounded and emotionally stable.

Maybe that’s your morning meditation, your yoga practice, or you evening soak in the tub. Maybe it’s reading (for fun!), going for walks, or cooking. 

Whatever activities or routines you have in your life that make you feel balanced and bring stability to your life—double down on those this week.

After all, that’s why we have routines and self-care–so that when we feel unstable, emotional, or the world turns upside down, we can fall back on the familiarity of these routines and activities to help ground us.

3. Spend time with your support team

Choose how to spend your day–and with whom. If seeing a bunch of moms out with their babies is triggering, avoid the brunch scene. 

If you’re celebrating your mom, offer to have her over to your place for brunch instead. Or spend time with your partner, schedule a girls date with your other child-free friends, or go for a hike or work in your garden. 

Find something you enjoy doing and do it with those who make you feel good–whether that’s your mom or your friends, be sure they’re the ones who really lift you up.

4. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings

Sometimes we judge ourselves for feeling jealous or angry, when it’s actually just part of being human. We all feel that way sometimes, and if you’re trying to get pregnant, this might be one of those times.

Grant yourself grace to experience whatever emotions come up. Cry, journal, or do whatever helps you release and process your feelings. Don’t bottle them up, but find a healthy outlet. Give yourself permission. You don’t have to put on a happy face if you don’t feel happy. Feel whatever you feel.

But the most important thing is to listen to yourself and do what you need. 

There’s no right way to get through the day–just be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to sit with whatever feelings come up for you.

And ultimately, know that even if your path to motherhood isn’t what you planned or is taking way longer than you expected, there are many routes to get there—and I have hope that someday you’ll be the mother everyone is celebrating.

If you need support navigating your fertility journey, I’d love to support you. Book a coaching session here.


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