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Connect With Your Divine Feminine
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Connect With Your Divine Feminine

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Learn to optimize your life by working with your body, your natural rhythms, and tuning into nature.


If you’ve been feeling out of sync with life, or struggling to find balance, you’re in the right place.


Sometimes we run up against this sense of resistance in life–there’s so much stress and this feeling that you just can’t keep up no matter how hard you try.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Sacred Balance

A small group coaching program that will help you transform your relationship with life by connecting with your divine feminine powers.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, manifest a new job, or make another life shift, this program will teach you how to lean into change and transition, allow discomfort, and release what’s holding you back.

Learn to harness the energetics of your body cycles, the seasons, and the moon phases and use them to your advantage. Working with these dynamic shifts instead of against them allows us to open to a more receptive and easeful way of living.

Discover how to weave all these things together and listen to your own inner wisdom in order to live more fully and freely.

Tap into the dynamic power of the divine feminine.

We all contain elements of the sacred masculine and divine feminine, the yin and yang, but the feminine is the energy of flow, of cycles–it’s dynamic energy. The energy of constant change and transition.

Masculine energy provides stability–it’s static and strong, and we need some stability in order to fully allow ourselves to flow. We need a balance of both these energies.

But in our western society, we often tend to have an over-abundance of masculine energy, and as a result many of us have forgotten our divine feminine.

When we tap into our dynamic, flowing, feminine energy, we’re able to evolve and grow with ease. We’re able to weather the ups and downs of life, and navigate change gently without so much resistance.


I’m Kate Potvin.

I’m a fertility coach who helps women take back their lives and build resilience while going through challenging times.

My own experiences navigating trauma, loss, and seeking deeper meaning in life have informed my philosophy and the way I live my own life.

I realized through my years of coaching women that we all need more connection with our inner wisdom and we all need to redefine what balance truly means and how to embody and live with more ease.

That’s why I’ve created this small group program. To share the tools that have helped me find meaning, balance, and connect with my soul.

Whether you’re on a fertility journey or just a soul journey, I’d love to travel with you through this 4-week experience.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

This small group program includes weekly coaching calls + handouts to help you tune in, listen, and find your own unique rhythm that honors your body and your soul.

Each week we’ll explore a different way of bringing our minds and bodies into flow through discussion, journaling, movement, and meditation.

You’ll learn how to:

      • create dynamic balance in your life instead (vs. striving for static balance)
      • tap into your inner wisdom so you can trust that little voice in your head
      • flow with your emotions instead of fighting them
      • overcome what’s holding you back from creating what you want in life
      • invite more joy and inspiration into your life
      • release what no longer serves you to create space for new opportunities
      • bring a sense of sacredness into your everyday life

Sacred Balance is for…

…the woman who’s ready to live with more ease and less stress.

The woman who wants to find more flow and less resistance in facing life’s ups and downs.

It’s for the woman who wants to connect more deeply with her body, her innermost self, and the natural world in order to feel more confident and comfortable in life.

This is a program about tuning in, listening, and finding your own unique rhythm that honors your body and your soul.

How this program works:

Each week we’ll meet on Zoom for a group coaching call. We’ll discuss, journal, and move our bodies to help us embody a particular topic of the week.

Afterwards, you’ll recieve a follow up email with a handout, a short homework assignment and a recording of the call (in case you couldn’t make it live).

We’ll meet Tuesdays at 7:30 Eastern/ 5:30 Mountain time.

August 10th-31st.

    What’s covered:

      Winter • Inner wisdom

        • Discover the power of rest
        • Learning to release and renew
        • Listening to your inner wisdom
        • Finding courage in the midst of fear

      Spring • planting goals + dreams

        • Finding your unique voice

        • Overcoming resistance and blocks

        • Creating change in your life

        • Learning to flow with your emotions instead of against them

        Summer • inspiration + action

          • Lean into your ability to expand and bloom
          • Discern what strengthens you vs. what weakens you
          • Invite more joy into your life

          Fall • harvest + release

            • Learn to let go and release
            • Slow down, savor, and allow
            • Crate ritual and make everyday life sacred
            • Find a larger perspective to anchor you

            At the end of this program, you’ll have:

            • a deeper connection to yourself and the natural world
            • a better sense of ease and flow in life vs. stress and resistance
            • tools to create supportive rituals and meaning in your own life.

            My hope is that this program offers you a way to explore connection, flow, and your own divine feminine energy.

            Tap into your divine feminine energy to find more balance + ease in life.

            4 live coaching calls

            August 10th-31st

            Tuesdays 7:30 Eastern/ 5:30 Mountain

            Space is limited

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