Fertility Self Care Rituals When You’re Trying to Conceive

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Show yourself some love with these fertility self care rituals

 By the time you find yourself in the middle of your conception journey–between doctors’ appointments and tracking ovulation– fertility self care might be the last thing on your mind.

Plus it’s easy to get caught up in all the “shoulds”–the things that are supposed to help you get pregnant, and all this thinking and overthinking can leave you stressed out and overwhelmed.

That’s why it’s important to also take care of yourself–because you’re worthy of feeling calm, confident, and cared for on this journey.

So carve out time to take care of yourself: to honor the sacred vessel that is your body, and honor the divine feminine energy within that allows us to create and bring life into the world.

Here are some of my recommendations to help you connect with yourself and show some self-love:

5 Ways to Practice Fertility Self Care:


1. Find ways to express creativity

Maybe thats cooking, gardening, a hobby like painting, sewing, woodworking. It could be singing, writing, photography. Think of ways you can create in your life. They can be big or small, just add some creative expression.

2. Start to engage with your womb space.

Rub your low belly everyday, tell your body she’s beautiful and ready to receive. You can do this in the shower or when you wake up in the morning. It may feel awkward at first, but connecting with your creative center will help you tap into your fertile energy and show your body you care.

3. Connect with the divine feminine.

This can mean whatever you want it to mean–you could connect with a goddess archetype from any culture, or simply think about embodying your own inner goddess–her strength, her softness. How can you bring more of this into your life?

4. Honor your body

Take baths, eat well, move your body–ask yourself what would make your body feel good. Not to get that dopamine hit, (like eating a pint of ice cream), but what makes your body feel really good on the inside? What gives you energy, sustains you, makes you feel nourished and nurtured? Treat yourself like a princess–after all, you’re the sacred home of your baby, and of course you’re going to nurture your baby when you get pregnant, but first you have to nurture yourself in preparation.

5. Journal.

Journal about your feelings around motherhood and pregnancy. Journal about how you’re ready for this new chapter, and journal about how you’re scared–your fears about giving birth, about being a good parent, about being able to conceive. The fears stay inside unless we let them out. Give them space, release them, and also write about what you’re excited about and what you’re grateful for. This will clear a positive mental space for you to enter this new journey.


There are a million ways you can show yourself some love and practice fertility self care, so feel free to add to this list. The important thing is to do it regularly. So try carving out 10-15 minutes a day to do one of these things to help you connect with yourself, your fertility, and show yourself some love.

These aren’t magic get-pregnant-quick techniques, but they can make a big differnce in your mental and emotional health as you navigate your fertility journey.

Have more suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!



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