How to Improve Egg Quality with These Changes


Is your egg health set in stone? Or are there ways you can improve egg quality?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES.

Yes you can change your egg health with relatively simple lifestyle changes. That’s good news if you’re trying to conceive! Here’s how you can improve egg quality with some relataively simple changes to your lifestyle.

It takes about 90 days or so to see the results of these changes because eggs take about 90 days to mature and prepare for ovulation. During this window, eggs can be influenced by both good and bad environmental factors.

By being aware of detrimental influences and cutting them out, and adding in supportive lifestyle changes, you can start to see changes in egg health after about 3-4 months.

Let’s how you can improve your egg quality:

First, here are some things to minimize or cut out:

Reduce Environmental Toxin Exposure

Many everyday products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that can disrupt your hormones and damage your eggs. Avoid products with phthalates or BPA, and use clean formulations for personal care and household products. Plus, ditch the plastic for eating and drinking, and use glassware or stainless steel instead.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Many studies suggest that heavy alcohol consumption can impact fertility and decrease egg quality. While it’s unclear if light drinking, such as 1-2 drinks per week has an impact, consider cutting back to these levels or cutting alcohol out completely. The occasional glass of wine here and there likely isn’t going to have a huge impact, but if you’re drinking on a daily or regular basis, it’s best to dial it down.

Reduce Processed Sugar

I know the sweets are hard to resist, but they may be damaging your eggs. When we eat processed sugar, it spikes our blood sugar. Over the long term this can lead to insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. But in the short term, all these blood sugar and insulin spikes are also damaging egg quality. Cut back on your sugar intake–not just sweets, but sweetened beverages like soda, and sneaky sugar additives in things like salad dressing, and pre-packaged meals. Plus, processed carbs, like pasta and white bread, are converted into sugar by our bodies, so stick to complex carbs that have high fiber content, like whole grains.


Then add in these things to support egg health:


Take a Prenatal Multivitamin + CoQ10

Taking a prenatal vitamin (and even starting 3 months before you want to conceive), can ensure you’re getting adequate nutrition to support your egg health. Nutrients like folate are important for egg development, and our diets don’t always include enough of all the important nutrients we need. Add in a CoQ10 supplement to support your egg health even further–COQ10 has been shown to improve mitochondrial function in eggs. Some research suggests that a decrease in mitochondrial function is actually what causes eggs to “age.”

Eat more veggies

Get your daily dose of leafy greens to support nutrition and egg health. Leafy greens and other veggies have high antioxidant levels, which are shown to support egg health and healthy hormone levels. See if you can add a serving of vegetables to every meal.

Practice Fertility Yoga to Boost Blood Flow

Yoga, and specifically Fertility Yoga helps bring extra blood flow to your ovaries and pelvic region. Increasing circulation to this area helps bring in more oxygen-rich blood to nourish your ovaries and eggs. Plus, yoga can help reduce stress, another advantage for healthy fertility.

And that’s how to improve egg quality–not so hard, huh? All of these things require making changes–but they’re also super doable. If you commit to these 6 things, you can often see changes after a few months.

Need help making these changes? I hear you–change can be hard. That’s why I teach you how to create change in your habits in my online fertility course, Flourish Fertility We talk about all the things YOU can do to support your fertility, plus HOW to actually add these lifestyle shifts to your life.

 Learn more about Flourish Fertility here.

Wishing you happy, healthy eggs!



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