How Do You Know When You’re Ovulating?


3 body signs that can help you know when you’re ovulating.


If you’ve been trying to conceive, you’ve probably used a lot of tools to help you determine the right timing every month. But it can still be confusing.

A question I get a lot is: “How do you know know when you’re ovulationg? In your own body?”

I’m guessing you’ve used apps to tell you your most fertile window, and you’ve probably used ovulation predictor kits to tell you when you’re about to ovulate.

Those are all great tools, but today I want to share some body signs you can look for that will help you know in your own body when the time is right.

The apps and testing strips are great–but they have their shortcomings, too.

First, both apps and the ovulation testing strips are predictors–meaning they’re making an educated guess about when you’re going to ovulate, but it may not be exact.

Apps often use past data to predict your most fertile window, but if your cycle varies month to month, this can sometimes be a little off.

The ovulation strips test a hormone called lutenizing hormone that surges right before ovulation. So odds are good that you’re about to ovulate very soon, but once in a while, too, that can be off.

Plus, I know you don’t want to miss that window, and some of you are doing those testing strips for a week at a time! (I see you 😉

This is why I like teaching women to ALSO read their body signs–it puts more power back in your hands, and then you can use the apps and the testing strips to confirm what you already know.

(And you only need one or two testing strips a month!)

So here are 3 ways to know when you’re ovuating:

1. Your cervical fluid changes.

Paying attention to that stuff in your underwear throughout the month can be super informative. It changes throughout your cycle, and during your most fertile days, it usually increases in volume and becomes very slippery–often described like raw egg whites.

This fluid actually has a very important job–to assist the sperm in moving up to fertilize the egg.

So pay attention to those slipperiest days as a sign you’re close to ovulation.

2. You feel like doing it.

Yep, your hormones want to help you get pregnant, and many women actually feel the most attractive and the most like jumping into bed during your most fertile time.

So if you know you’re getting close to ovulation and you’re in the mood–go for it!

3. Your cervix is open and high.

This one is extra credit, but if you’re comfortable checking, you can feel inside for your certix (where your vagina connects to your uterus) and notice how it changes position throughout the month.

During ovulation it will be slighlty open, a little softer, and higher up. This may take a bit of time to notice the difference (vs. closer to your period when it’s lower, closed, and firmer), but is a great sign you’re in your fertile window.

 Paying attention to our bodies helps give us more power in the fertility process. And our bodies are always communicating with us–we just need to learn to listen.

When you can read these signs and are pretty sure you’re about to ovulate, you can do a ovulation strip to confirm. But you no longer need to stress about missing it because YOU know the signs in your own body.



Hi! I'm Kate.

Fertility coach, period pro, & hormone healer. Creator of the Holistic Fertility Coach Training program. Helping you navigate your fertility journey. Read my story here




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