How to embody fertility in your life

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Embody fertility in your life by tapping into your creative energy.

In my last post I talked about what it really means to be fertile. Today I want to expand on that and talk about how to really embody fertility throughout our lives–whether we’re trying to conceive or not.

Remember, fertility is all about our ability to CREATE. That means our fertile powers are bigger than just our ability to create a baby–it’s about how we use our creative energy in our lives as a whole. (Including navigating our fertility journeys.)

As women we are dynamic and abundant–always flowing, evolving changing. This is the feminine energy. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is more static and stable. Men wake up many mornings feeling physically the same. For many women, however, we feel different during different phases of our cycles–and that’s okay!

After all, this is how nature works, too. Nature is full of cycles–the seasons, the day/night cycle, moon cycles, tide cycles.

Women also experience major life cycles–we evolve when we get our periods, when we are pregnant and give birth, and we evolve again at menopause. Our lives are constantly changing and shifting.

Women have the power to dance, to shift and change, and EVOLVE.

So it’s important to find ways to tap into this divine feminine energy and embody fertility in our lives as a whole–through our actions, our choices, our words. Because when we connect to this ever-changing, flowing energy, we’re better able to make these life shifts and transitions with ease. And getting pregnant is one of those transitions.

Tuning into our creative, flowing, energy can help us be ready to conceive when the time comes–energetically and emotionally.

Plus, our ability to find fertility in our lives as a whole is tied to our reproductive symptoms, too: the dynamic hormonal ebbs and flows that dictate our ability to conceive and create life. Often, when clients have hormonal imbalances and other reproductive symptoms, it’s not just physical–there’s often something deeper going on with their ability to create in other aspects of their lives. There’s a mind-body connection that shouldn’t be ignored.

Take action:

We can embody fertility by getting creative, moving our bodies, honoring our cycles, honoring the moon. Feel the waxing and waning of your energy throughout your cycle. Allow yourself to be dynamic, to have fun, express pleasure, play, enjoy yourself.

I know it can sound radical in our male-dominated western society to do something just because it brings us joy or pleasure, but claiming your joy and pleasure can be so healing. Play, too, is often relegated to the realm of childhood, but studies show that play is so important as adults, too!

And this is what I’m all about—helping you find your fertility: your creative powers, your abundance, your dynamism, your ability to produce–in your personal life, your career, your creative endeavors.

When we’re in tune with our fertility, we can evolve with our lives, with the changing times, with our own interests and passion.

And this is what I want for you.

On this fertility journey– and in your life as a whole.

This is what I help you do in my program Flourish Fertility–tap into your fertile energy so you can navigate your fertility journey with more grace and ease.

I want to help you create life, but also to CREATE YOUR LIFE the way you want to. Live by your own rules and tap into your own power to create those rules. This is fertility.

It’s about creating your baby–AND it’s about you. Your life, your passion, your ability to create the life you want.

Unblocking our creative powers can help us take back power over our lives, our heath and our fertility.

This is the deeper dimension of fertility.

This is your superpower, sister. It’s time to own it.


Hi! I'm Kate.

Fertility coach, period pro, hormone healer, soul sister. Helping you transform your mind + body. Read my story here







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