How to Become A Fertility Coach

Fertility Coach Certification

How to Become a Fertility Coach

So you’ve thought about becoming a Fertility Coach. Maybe you’ve been through the fertility journey yourself or perhaps you’ve seen someone close to you struggle. When 1 in 8 couples will have trouble conceiving, chances are you know someone.

And as those numbers grow, there’s more and more demand for support to help these struggling couples.

While there are many fertility clinics out there helping couples with the medical side of things, many women and couples seek out additional support, and that’s where fertility coaches come in.

What does a Fertility Coach do?

A Fertility Coach offers mind-body support for the fertility journey. From helping clients make decisions about different paths to parenthood, to creating healthy foundational habits for conception and pregnancy, coaches are there to walk the path with clients.

While fertility coaches aren’t doctors, and fertility clinics are there to see to the clinical side of things, coaches can help offer additional support for the emotional and physical challenges of the fertility process.

Fertility coaches often help clients make lifestyle changes around stress management, nutrition, and sleep to ensure their bodies are as resourced and ready to conceive as possible. They may also offer emotional support and mindfulness tools to support the ups and downs of the journey.

Most fertility coaches work with women in many different stages of their conception journey–from conceiving naturally to those seeking fertility treatments.


Who can become a Fertility Coach?

Anyone with some background training and the desire to make a difference can become a Fertility Coach. Most coaches will have some kind of health or health coaching background and some expertise in women’s health (like doulas or midwives). 

There are also programs that offer specialized training to those ready to become health coaches, that will give you all the background on women’s health, best coaching practices, and mindfulness tools you’ll need to be an impactful coach. Check out the Holisitic Fertiltiy Coach Training here.

How to become a Fertility Coach:

Learn my top 3 steps you can take to become a successful Fertility Coach here:


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