3 Ways to Support Your Digestion & Balance Your Hormones


Strong digestion + elimination can support hormone balance.

I know it’s not the most glamorous topic, but if we’re talking about hormone balance, we have to talk about digestion. When it comes to hormone imbalance in women, symptoms can sometimes be a result of digestive problems. That’s why gut health is so important for your hormones!

Afterall, those healthy fertility foods have to be broken down and find their way out eventually!

But it’s not just food that our digestive systems break down.

Our digestive systems play an important role in metabolizing, or processing hormones, too. Meaning digestive problems can play a role in hormone imbalances.

Estrogen dominance, for example, can occur when we aren’t able to properly process and eliminate excess estrogen from our systems, and this can cause a host of period and fertility problems.

Plus, digestive issues can cause inflammation and increase your cortisol levels, which result in a domino effect of hormonal imbalances.

And if you need another good reason, more and more research has shown there’s a strong link between your gut health and your mood. If you deal with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, improving your gut health can have a huge positive impact.

So it’s important to keep our gut healthy to support our hormones and fertility.

Here are 3 easy ways to support your digestion:

1. Eat plenty of fiber

Fiber helps keep things moving in our digestive tract, which means they don’t sit around for a long time (we want regular elimination!) So up your fruits, veggies, and whole grains to make sure your getting plenty of fiber.

2. Take a probiotic

Healthy bacteria in your gut support strong digestion and help prevent things like gas, bloating, and other digestive discomfort. Adding a probiotic to your routine can also support a healthy balance of good bugs.

Need a recommendation? Here’s the probiotic I recommend to my clients.

3. Move your body!

Exercise is a great way to support your digestion and keep things moving along. Think about ways to increase your movement throughout the day. Regular workouts are great, but so are walks, taking stairs instead of elevators, or even parking at the back of the parking lot. More movement = supported hormones.

(Bonus: drink plenty of water thorughout the day too! Hydration is also key for healthy digestion.)

When you keep your gut happy, your hormones will thank you too!

Want more info on how to support your digestion and hormone balance? Check out the Flourish Fertility online course. We’ll dive deep into digestion, detox, and hormone balance for fertility. Get the details here>>


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