7 Steps to Rebalance Your Hormones in the New Year

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Feel like you need a post-holiday detox?

The holidays are definitely a time of indulgence–we eat more, travel, our sleep schedules get off, and sometimes family can get stressful. Plus there’s wine. And sometimes all those things take a toll on our hormones and our digestion.

When any one of these things gets off, we usually notice it in our bodies. But over the holidays when we’re staying up late, drinking more than usual and eating more food, it can really tax both our digestive system and our liver, and it can start to impact our hormones.

As part of the body’s natural detox system, the liver is responsible for processing all that extra food and drink. It’s totally up to the task, but over the holidays, day after day of family gatherings, plus some travel and added stress and sometimes your liver needs a little extra support.

Our liver also processes out extra estrogen, especially in the second half of our cycle (before your period), and when your liver falls behind, we can get some of those symptoms of estrogen dominance like tender breasts, PMS, and bloating.

So if you’ve been feeling sluggish, bloated, irritable, or just low energy since the new year, here are a few ways to support your digestion and liver to help your body recover and reset:

1. Cut out sugar. For the next week try to eat warm, light meals with protein, healthy fats, and lots of veggies. Sugar taxes your liver and promotes bad gut flora. If you overindulged on those Christmas cookies, this could be contributing your digestive woes. Need a sweet post-meal snack? Clementines are my favorite sweet treat this time of year. I know they aren’t Christmas cookies but they are tasty. Give them a try. This gives your microbiome a chance to recover.

2. Switch to water! I know this seems easy, but it’s not. Often, when our bodies are out of whack we start craving sugary things like soda, and upping our caffeine intake (hello coffeee old friend). But these things don’t help. Try to drink only water or hot tea for the next week (no sugar added!). It might feel boring after all the eggnog and punch, but I promise your body will love you for it. Water is super important for your liver to function and helps your liver detox and flush out your system.

3. Eat your leafy greens. Groan. I know, I feel like a broken record sometimes too. Add some spinach to your morning smoothie, add a small salad to your lunch and dinner and up your green intake. Your body will love you for it. Greens support your liver again so they are key.

4. Take a probiotic to support your gut. Take them in the morning to help get your microbiome in order. A healthy spread of gut bacteria actually has a big impact on our mood, our metabolism, and our cravings, so boost yours with a quality probiotic like this one.

5. Go to bed early. I’m guessing the holidays also had you staying up past your bedtime (hello new years!) and this can throw off your body’s natural sleep rhythms. Try to go to bed early this week. Take a warm bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oil to wind down. You can read a little and then crawl in bed for a full 8 hours of zzzzzz. Sleep is when your body does most of its detoxing, so giving your body a full nights rest can help it do it’s job.

6. Get moving! Just 20 minutes a day walking around your neighborhood will make a difference. Exercise helps your digestive system stay balanced and keeps everything moving through your body. Plus it will help boost your mood if your prone to the midwinter blues.

7. Dry brush. Your skin is your largest organ and dry brushing actually helps you increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow which can help with detoxification. Simply get a bristle brush with a long handle and brush in long strokes all over your body before you shower. It can also help you feel more invigorated in the mornings if you’re a little lethargic.

Give these 7 tips a try to help you support your digestion and liver and rebalance your hormones after all that holiday indulging!

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Wishing you joy + love in the new year!


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