Resisting Fall

I’ve been resisting fall.   Not because I don’t love the colors, the crisp air, or pumpkin everything everywhere—I enjoy all those things. But this year I just haven’t felt ready to make the transition into fall.   For me, summer is a time of fun, freedom,...

The Power of Vacations

As we hit mile 10 of the bumpy dirt road, wondering where we would find ourselves and if we would find a place to pitch our tent before the rain came, I had a lot on my mind: where we might sleep tonight, if we would get the tent up before the rain started, and how...

Thinking my way up a mountain

Half way up Vail Pass, my legs were shaking, my arms were shaking, and my body was done.   I was 70 miles into the longest, hardest ride of my life (thus far), and my legs were finished. They had nothing more to give.   But there was no way I was going to...

The Nature of Change

Change is a tricky business: in some ways it’s inevitable, like those gray hairs that you’ve started pulling out, or those few extra pounds you gained last year. Over time, you find yourself with a new house, a new car, new friends. However you cut it, change is the...



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